From the Cheese Counter

We have added a new section to our cheese counter ‘Grab and Go’. A selection of pre-wrapped cheese for when you are in a rush or want to try a small piece of something new. You can also try out our cheese at the Urban Pantry on their new cheese and charcuterie board. A great way to try a cheese and then come to The Passionate Cook’s Essentials and get some to take home!
Our cheese tasting event this month will be beautiful cheese from France. This is a great class to learn about cheese and about the history and culture of French cheese. We will look at the differences and similarities between the cheeses. We’ll also explore the notion of Terroir, how the provenance of a cheese can give rise to its unique character, and inform you of what you might pair it with.
We also have several new Canadian cheeses for you to try. From Gunn’s Hill Dairy, ‘Tipsy’ a semi firm cows milk cheese washed in Niagara red wine. Bluebry a Camembert type cheese with blue running through its creamy center. A Manitoba Monterey Jack cheese with Jalapeno this is a popular American style cheese made in Canada, from Quebec Delice des Appalaches and Bouq Emmissaire. Come and try and you may have a new cheese love. 

Each piece of cheese is wrapped in speciality cheese paper to lengthen freshness and flavour of your cheese and a descriptor to help you with your food and beverage pairings. 

Fresh Cheese


Feta. Ontario


Flower Chevre. British Columbia

Lemon Chevre. British Columbia

Cest Bon. Quebec


Bloomy Rhind


Albert’s Leap. Ontario

Brie de Meaux. France

Delice de Bourgone. France

Fromage d Affinois. France


Ashley. Ontario


Washed Rhind


Five Brothers. Ontario

Fleur d Aunis. France

Oxford Harvest. Ontario

Stinking Bishop. England

Taleggio. Italy


Applewood Smoked Cheddar. PEI

Expresso Bellavitano. USA

Capra Pepper Goat Cheese. Italy

Horseradish Cheddar. Manitoba

Smoked Gouda. Ontario.

Firm Cheese


Abondance. Ontario

Asiago. USA

Beaufort. France

Borgaiolo. Italy

Cheddar Ille aux grues 2yr old Quebec.

Cheddar Montgomery. England.

Costal cheddar England

Comte. France

Gruyere 1655. Switzerland

Gouda Mountain Oak. Ontario

Kaamps Original. Netherlands

Picobello. Netherlands

Pincion. Italy

Parmigiano Reggiano. Italy

Red Leicester. England.

Wookey Hole Cheddar. England


Don Heliodoro (Manchego with Rosemary). Spain

Manchego. Spain

Manchego 12 mth raw milk. Spain

Pecorino Affianato. Italy

Pecorino Tosacno. Italy 


Lindsey Goat Cheddar. Ontario

Blue Cheese


Blue d Elizabeth. Quebec

Blue d Affinois. France

Blue 61. Italy

Colston and Basset Stilton. England

Dragons Breath. Nova Scotia

Roaring Forties. Tasmania


Bleu Chévre. France


Rouqefort. France