Cheese Boards at the Passionate Cook
Uxbridge Cheese BoardIn addition to our cheese boards listed below, we can also create a custom cheese board for any event – large or small. The cheese boards include 1 kg of cheese, a condiment, crackers and cheese labels (serves 10 for a cheese and wine evening, 15-20 if part of a buffet or a cheese course).  Please ask us about expanding the cheese selection or including extra condiments for your event. We can also help you with your wine or beer pairings.

Each piece of cheese is wrapped in speciality cheese paper to lengthen freshness and flavour of your cheese and a descriptor to help you with your food and beverage pairings.

We can also offer you a small cheese board with the your cheeses and accompaniments displayed for you for an additional $5.

Ontario Cheese Board $65
Our lovely Ontario cheese board includes a selection of cheese from five different cheese categories. You will enjoy hard cheese, a mild and creamy cheese and build up to strong and complex cheeses. Enjoy cheeses from different Ontario dairies as your taste buds travel the length and breadth of our province.

Canadian Cheese Board $55
Our patriotic cheese board takes you coast to coast with five different categories of cheese. Enjoy fresh, bloomy rinds, washed rinds, aged and blue cheeses! This lovely selection allows you to progress from flavour to flavour and province to province.

French Cheese Board $75
This board is a celebration of a cheese-making nation. It includes cheese from different regions of France. The selection showcases the varieties of texture, taste and milk types. It includes five tasty categories of cheese from five different cheese makers.

World Cheese Board $75
This cheese board presents five categories of cheese from new world cheese countries like Tasmania and the Americas to old world favourites, Italy and England. This exciting board showcases the world’s great cheese makers to share with your friends.

Party Cheese Board $55
This cheese board is all about fun! It doesn’t matter if it’s a ball game or just a casual gathering. Our selection of five cheeses are all unique, flavourful and a pleasure to serve. You can select from our usual categories of cheese (fresh, bloomy, washed rind, firm, blue, flavoured) to suit your occasion.


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