Forget about rushing home to slave over a hot stove. The Passionate Cook has your Friday nights covered! Start the weekend early, pick up a delicious dinner, kick up your feet and enjoy.

Let us ease you into the weekend!

Starting in September, every month we will post the feast selection on our website. Each week will be a different meal, but equally as delicious. We will have your mouth watering with meals like butter chicken, braised ribs, and enchiladas. And, as Fall sneaks in we will have a selection of soups that will keep you warm and your taste buds satisfied.

To ensure that you will be dining like royalty, reserve your Friday Night Feast on the Wednesday of that week. Then on Friday, your meal will be fresh and ready for pick up. Forget to reserve? Don’t worry; we might still be able to help you out.

So don’t fret over what your cooking on Fridays! We have fresh meals ready for you, or take a peak in our freezer for a meal fit for any foodie.

Friday Night Feasts – August Menu

Friday Night Feast
Aug 4 Asian pork tenderloin with Mango slaw
Aug 11
Chicken Marbella is back! Chicken, 
tomatoes, dates, capers, garlic and wine what’s not to love? With a side of lemon dill rice pilaf.
Aug 18 Mujadara. This is a delicious Syrian dish. Rice, Lentils, caramelized onions and spices
Aug 25 Lamb Roganjosh with a side of scented jasmine rice